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Terms of Service and Privacy

Welcome to Grillsy, LLC. Please read through our privacy policy and terms of condition carefully. In any case that you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you shall not access this site in any way possible. The T&C apply to all the actions that include using the website, signing up, placing an order, or using any kind of service provided by this company. 


Grillsy, LLC unambiguously holds authority change, update or remove the Terms and Condition whenever they want. It is your duty to read these T&C whenever you are putting this website for your use or any service provided by this website. By agreeing to these T&C you also agree to the fact that you agree and accept any changes made by Grillsy, LLC in T&C or Privacy Policy. The changes in T&C may be communicated through the email that you have provided us. Though these changes will always be updated on our official website and you can view them any time you want. It is your responsibility that you provide us with a valid email address. In case you are not able to receive the email, that contains notification of any change in Terms and Conditions, our delivery of the email will include notice of any changes in Terms and Conditions. You need to follow our website to regularly check our Terms and Conditions. For new users any change in these policies will take effect immediately, for regular customers, these shall be effective upon first 30 calendar days. 



Grillsy, LLC is offering three different rebillable monthly subscriptions. When you subscribe or buy a subscription you acknowledge this subscription comes with an initial fee and recurring payment feature. You accept responsibility for any and all recurring charges prior to cancellation. Your subscription will be automatically extended for successive monthly periods and your payment method will be automatically charged for each successive monthly period at the selected subscription rate. You have to pay that fee and any other fees linked with the service. And in case of cancellation of service you are to pay all the recurring fees. At the current subscription charges you have to pay for the subscription that you are using every month, your service that you are subscribed to will be renewed automatically after every month and charging process will be automatic. The money that we charge from your credit card depends on the kind of service you are using. You will pay for the service on 15th of each month and your package will be delivered to you in the succeeding month. You will be charged on the credit card that you used to sign up and subscribe to website and service that you are using. This process is recurring unless you cancel your subscription. 


Procedure to cancel your subscription is as follows:

To cancel your subscription you have two options:

#1  You can log-in with the account that you used to avail the service. After that you have to click on the ‘Edit’ button, and then on ‘Your Subscription(s)’, and after that on ‘Cancel Subscription’. To confirm the process you have to click on the ‘Cancel me’ button that appears on the following screen.

#2  You can email customer service directly at support@barrelandblade.com to cancel your subscription.

In case you cancel you package, you can use it for the then-current month. You will be charged as per schedule until and unless you notify Barrel & Blade, LLC that you are cancelling the subscription or need to update the process. Any cancellation notice will have no effect on charges paid before that notice. The information provided on the website about products is just the general guide it is by no means professional advice, for professional advice you should seek professionals. Products will be shipped to by third party, we are not responsible for any damages done by them. In case Court of Law requires us to change any point of T&C it will be changed but it will affect the other points of T&C at all. 


It is within your rights to know that what kind of information we are collecting from you. For that we have developed Privacy Policy.  In case you are violating Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or any reason it is our right to revoke your use of this site’s products and services. You are responsible for your conduct and you agree to not use any means that damage the image or hurt other users or the site itself. You agree to pay for all the damages, including attorney fees, which are occurring to website or any of its employees as a result of your actions. These actions may include you violating T&C and/or breaking Privacy Policy. You hereby release Grillsy, LLC and any of its employees from any consequences that you face by the way you use the website. You also hereby agree that you are waiving the California Civil Code Section 1542, which states: “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which, if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor” and any similar laws that are of applicable jurisdiction. The laws of the State of Georgia shall govern these Terms without regard to conflict of laws provisions. If you are limited from using any right or remedy it shall not limit Grillsy, LLC use of any right or remedy. In case of dispute arising between you and Grillsy, LLC, you agree that regardless of any matter that dispute must be filed within 1 year after such incident has taken place or otherwise you will be banned forever. In case you any dispute Arbitrator will resolve the issue and the matter will not be taken to Court of Law. 



In case of any queries regarding the above mentioned policies feel free to contact at support@grillsy.com.